Introducing TransLoc Rider, A New Breed Of Transit App

At TransLoc, our mission is to revolutionize transit for our riders.

One of the most significant ways we have done that is through our heavily-utilized, industry-first native mobile app. However, being true to our mission means delivering the best possible, not just the best around, so we set out to make an app that’s even better at meeting riders’ needs.

The result is TransLōc Rider, a brand-new app designed with iOS7 in mind that is 100% rider-focused and takes full advantage of the needs and quirks of the mobile environment. Download it today to see for yourself!

“A Major Upgrade:
Smoother, faster and better looking.
It’s exactly what I need.”

- iTunes user Capt. Arrelius


No more continued checking the app- now the app works for riders by alerting them of their bus arrivals.


Familiar search function lists all routes and stops within 25 miles and instantly filters results with just a few letters.

Tailored Experience

The app shapes the experience for the rider, answering the “where is my bus” and “when is it coming” questions without a single click.