A Bus Tracking Vendor with “We’ve Got This” Customer Service

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Every company strives for great customer service, and actual stories from real customers are the best way to measure success. We were pleased to recently receive excellent customer feedback in an article in Durham’s oldest newspaper.

A Herald-Sun article entitled, “Triangle Transit escapes patent-lawsuit threat,” caught our attention.

Some backstory: Last year, one of our customers was threatened with litigation from a European company. Here’s how the Herald-Sun reported it:

“[Triangle Transit] responded by contacting their software vendor, Raleigh-based TransLoc Inc., which ‘said in essence, “We’ve got this,” entered into months of negotiations and at the end of the day [resolved the issue] for all of their users,’ Gulley said.

“Its move ‘resolves the issue for’ Triangle Transit, he added. ‘For us there was no cost or expense, and we’re appreciative of TransLoc dealing with the problem.’

Thank you, @TriangleTransit!

This article is no longer live on The Herald Sun’s website. We apologize for any inconvenience.