6 ways to future-proof your transit agency

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3 transit industry experts. 12 questions. 6 key takeaways

It’s easy to talk about the future of transit like it’s a far off reality. In truth, advancements in technology, changing ridership needs, and new legislation are altering the public transportation landscape. What you project as next year’s concern may quickly become (another) current need.

So, how do you tackle your agency’s present to-do list while preparing for the inevitable requirements of the future?

1. The public sector should look to the private sector for innovation inspiration


2. RFPs should focus on outcomes, not features


3. Partner with other transportation services


4. Focus on improving ease of use


5. Understand how the investments you make now work towards improving the quality of life of your riders


6. Public transit and transit network companies are competitors. Recognize each other’s strengths

Get to know the speakers:


Colin Peppard.jpg

Colin Peppard

Manager of Outreach and Strategic Relationships – LA Metro Office of Extraordinary Innovation

The Office of Extraordinary Innovation (OEI) seeks to identify, develop, and champion the best new ideas from around the world for improving mobility throughout Los Angeles County, with a particular focus in areas such as public-private partnerships, value capture opportunities, high technology and autonomous vehicle impact on transit, as well as leading the agency’s strategic planning efforts.


Chris Thomas.jpg

Chris Thomas

Founder – Fontinalis Partners

Fontinalis is an investor in TransLoc among other entrepreneurs and companies that have the ability to improve mobility around the world. 

Chris is a Founder and Partner of Fontinalis, where he is responsible for a wide range of critical processes ranging from deal sourcing and execution to corporate operations and business strategy. Chris also acts as a business development executive on behalf of Fontinalis’ portfolio companies.



Pete Gould

Founding Partner – Shared Mobility Strategies

Shared Mobility Strategies, LLC is a strategic consulting and policy briefing firm headquartered in Washington, DC. As Uber’s former Senior Transportation Policy Development staffer, I founded this firm to help bridge the language and policy gaps between the technology-enabled shared mobility companies and the world of transportation planners and operators. Our firm serves as your strategic advisor on all aspects related to shared mobility services bringing rapid innovation and change to the transportation world.

These videos were recorded at the 2016 Intelligent Transportation Systems conference. Let us know if you’d like to be interviewed at future conferences and featured on the TransLoc blog by commenting below.