Building Trust with Your Riders & Citizens Using TransLoc

TransLoc MarketingBlog

Powerful transit visibility can help your agency build trust with your riders. With TransLoc, your riders know where you are and when you’re coming.

Picture this: It’s January and it’s raining. Your rider knows they can stay inside longer because they can see you coming on their mobile phone, desktop or via SMS. You’ve instantly eliminated the uncertainty that dampens the transit experience. Less time in the cold and rain…now that’s one great way to build trust!

We invite you to spend 30 minutes with our GM of Product and Services, Doug Kaufman, to learn how you can:

-Improve your agency’s perception in the community
-Lower your operating costs
-Become better understood by riders
-Increase overall ridership

With 100% customer retention over 9 years, our technology is proven to help. Our customers have seen costs go down in part because of steep decreases in complaints and concerned rider calls.