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Raleigh, NC— If you’re a developer or someone who depends on TransLoc’s OpenAPI, we have an important announcement. As of April 17, 2014, all users of OpenAPI will need to be registered with TransLoc to ensure continued use of the API. Full registration will also require consumers of TransLoc OpenAPI data to use updated API endpoints in order to avoid interruption in data (see instructions below).

Why are we requiring registration going forward?

For one, we want to better understand the needs of our OpenAPI developers, and to do that, we need to know who those developers are. Secondly, we currently have no direct way to communicate with our API developers. This means that revisions to the API—currently announced via Twitter and Google Groups—may go unnoticed by developers who depend on them. The final reason is more technical. We’ve discovered in a few cases that OpenAPI is not being used correctly, leading to excessive server load that could compromise the performance of OpenAPI. We need to notify developers when they’re exceeding our usage guidelines in order to protect OpenAPI performance for everyone.

We have chosen Mashape as the registration framework for our API developers. Mashape is a hub for publicly available APIs. It is completely free and requires only your email address and the creation of a user name and password to use.


1. Go to
2. Click the green button on the top right (“Join For Free”)
3. Create a user name and password, and enter an email address that you check regularly
4. Check your email account for a Mashape validation email
5. Click “ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT” in the Mashape email
6. Navigate to!documentation
7. Note the new API endpoints listed at the top of each documentation section

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Mashape framework requires that you update the API endpoints at which you currently consume TransLoc OpenAPI data. If you do not update your code to access the new API endpoints by April 17, 2014, you will no longer receive OpenAPI data.

If you have any questions regarding use of TransLoc OpenAPI, please drop us a note at

We believe a formal registration process will benefit everyone in the OpenAPI community, so thanks for your participation in improving the experience for everyone. Remember: To avoid interruption in your data, you need to register for access by no later than April 17, 2014.

Thanks. Wishing everyone a productive day in transit!