Brand Guidelines

Our mission is to make public transit the first choice for all, so feel free to spread the word and please use the resources below.

Also, in case you were wondering, it's pronounced Trans (trans · lohk), like Transit Location.

Primary Logo

Full logo with badge  

TransLoc Full Logo
Secondary Logos
Wordmark only 

TransLoc Wordmark

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TransLoc Badges


Please feel free to download and use our brand resources as needed. We do ask, however, that you follow our brand guidelines.

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TransLoc Colors    

Main palette

TransLoc Blue

Hex – #0393ff
RGB – 3, 147, 255
CMYK – 100, 0, 0, 0

TransLoc Orange

Hex – #fb553c
RGB – 251, 82, 60
CMYK – 0, 69, 76, 0







TransLoc Grey

Hex – #424242
RGB – 66, 66, 66
CMYK – 65, 55, 53, 55

TransLoc Indigo

Hex – #141d28
RGB – 21, 30, 40
CMYK – 92, 76, 54, 71

TransLoc Green

Hex – #97e556
RGB – 151, 229, 86
CMYK – 58, 0, 96, 0

Neutral palette









Our Voice

Who we are:

We are a 12-year-old company with a start-up culture. This means our office is casual and we like to have fun, but we also work hard and are growing quickly.

We believe that the work we are doing will have a meaningful impact and that our technology will make public transit more accessible. As the leader in transit technology, we are bridging the gap between agencies and riders, bringing communication, collaboration, and adaptability to transit systems everywhere.

We are positive, fun, funny, exciting, passionate, and sincere.

We are positive, fun, funny, exciting,
passionate, and sincere.

What we’re not:

We are not negative. We do not want to make transit agencies (or competitors) look bad nor do we want to voice a negative opinion about public transportation, but we are realistic and acknowledge that there are challenges—challenges we are working to help agencies overcome.