Making Life Easier: In-Advance Scheduling for TransLoc OnDemand

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TransLoc OnDemand In Advance Scheduling Image

When we formally announced TransLoc OnDemand in late September of last year, we had served 10,000 rides, all of which were handled, well, on-demand. In other words, a rider requested a ride and a vehicle came to pick them up ASAP. As of today, we’ve served over 75,000 on-demand rides and now we’re thrilled to extend OnDemand to allow riders … Read More

Demand-response transit is LIVE: TransLoc OnDemand

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TransLoc OnDemand is a go, people. Get excited about it. No, really. We’ve officially launched with three university Safe Ride programs across the nation and already hit 10,000 rides! The OnDemand program soft-launched only a month ago, and we’re seeing crazy results, including a 49% decrease in dispatcher calls (at Emory University) and a 12% decrease in rider wait times (way to … Read More

An Interesting Take on TransLoc: “Uber-izing Public Transit”

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We were recently featured on ExitEvent in a very detailed and pretty awesome (if we do say so ourselves) article titled “Uber-izing Public Transit: RTP’s TransLoc a Startup To Watch in Transportation Tech.” The author, Laura Baverman, wrote: The vision of 10-year-old bootstrapped TransLoc has always been to make public transit competitive with private by providing agencies and riders technology that makes it easier and … Read More

Making an Impact: Why TransLoc helps riders communicate with transit agencies

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TransLoc helps riders communicate with transit agencies

It seems so simple now.  Showing moving vehicles actually moving.  And it is. But 10 years ago, it wasn’t. 10 years ago, before Uber and the iPhone and Twitter, showing moving buses actually moving was unique. And we were doing it. And all we wanted to do was tell everyone about it. When I first joined TransLoc as an intern … Read More