5 Future Perks of TransLoc Traveler Survey

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In my previous post, we looked at 6 unique aspects of Traveler’s survey capability. Now it’s time to break down the incredible potential this survey has to keep getting better. Keep in mind, the features described below are either not yet part of the survey product or may require time to build the data, but they are future possibilities thanks to … Read More

6 ways TransLoc Traveler’s survey feature is changing public transit

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In October, TransLoc made it possible for transit agencies to effectively and painlessly get feedback from their riders with a unique in-app survey feature. Unlike anything available in transit, it’s truly a survey like no other—and we’re just getting started. You may be asking, What makes this survey so special? Let’s take a look. Six ways TransLoc Traveler’s survey feature … Read More

TransLoc Traveler’s Survey Gives Transit Riders Voice with Agencies

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TransLoc Traveler - New Survey Function

Durham, NC—A new mobile survey option for TransLoc’s Traveler product enables transit agencies to understand the needs and preferences of their riders in real time, radically improving their ability to plan for and adapt their system to the community they serve. This gives the rider a voice and offers the transit agency a feedback tool for planning that has not … Read More

TransLoc Traveler in Action – Real-life applications for origin-destination data

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TransLoc Traveler and NCSU - the Wolf Village Story

Sometimes it’s hard to see how actions can affect outcomes, especially when dealing with transit planning. TransLoc Traveler gives agencies the ability to see THE FUTURE. Ok, maybe not. But it does allow agencies to see anonymized, real-time location information for their riders. For the first time ever, agencies can now gain a keen awareness of how riders actually use … Read More

Create targeted service alerts in Traveler

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TransLoc Traveler Inform

We are continuing our mission of making transit the first choice for all by creating a powerful section of Traveler called “Inform.” Inform gives transit administrators the ability to communicate directly with the riders, based on a rider’s route and stop preferences. The first feature of Inform is “Alerts.” Now agencies can proactively alert the specific passengers that are affected … Read More

Create custom time filters in Traveler

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TransLoc Traveler Save Custom Filter

Today we’re rolling out custom presets, a feature that makes time filter presets even more powerful. Until now, Traveler has had a pre-made list of useful hour, day, and month combinations. Now you have the ability to create custom presets allows you to filter and save any combination of dates, hours, days and months so you can quickly return to … Read More