Planning Multimodal Trips in TransLoc Rider

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MultiModal Trip Planning in Rider

Imagine the following scenario: You’re packing up your things after work on a Friday when a text pops up on your phone. A friend has just won tickets to Hamilton and he’s inviting you to be his plus one…this weekend…in a city far away from yours. You text him back with an immediate “yes!” then launch TransLoc’s Rider app to … Read More

TransLoc Rider With Uber—Getting You to Transit

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TransLoc, Memphis Area Transit Authority and Uber Launch Pilot   Memphis, TN, March 22, 2016—TransLoc, a leading provider of transit technology, along with partners Uber and the Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA), are launching a pilot of the TransLoc Rider mobile app with Uber in Memphis. TransLoc Rider helps people get to and from the bus stop with ease, making … Read More

5 Future Perks of TransLoc Traveler Survey

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In my previous post, we looked at 6 unique aspects of Traveler’s survey capability. Now it’s time to break down the incredible potential this survey has to keep getting better. Keep in mind, the features described below are either not yet part of the survey product or may require time to build the data, but they are future possibilities thanks to … Read More

4 Proven Ways to Improve Passenger Happiness in Public Transit

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As a transit agency, one of the hardest things to do is keep everyone happy all the time. In fact, it’s practically impossible. But let me tell you a secret: You can make people happier with open communication. Opening up lines of communication with passengers and the community at large not only increases happiness, it has a direct and positive … Read More

The Future of Transit is Seamless

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The nature of the public transit system makes it inherently complex to navigate. With an amalgam of schedules, stops, routes and vehicles, determining the most optimal way to get somewhere can be a challenge. The advent of open data (such as GTFS), mapping tools (such as OpenStreetMap) and mobile apps (such as TransLoc Rider) makes getting from one place to … Read More

6 ways TransLoc Traveler’s survey feature is changing public transit

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In October, TransLoc made it possible for transit agencies to effectively and painlessly get feedback from their riders with a unique in-app survey feature. Unlike anything available in transit, it’s truly a survey like no other—and we’re just getting started. You may be asking, What makes this survey so special? Let’s take a look. Six ways TransLoc Traveler’s survey feature … Read More

Mobile Use + Transit Infographic

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In part I of Alex Gibson’s blog series on how people will move in five years, he discusses the rapid rate of smartphone adoption and how those phones are being used. This infographic looks deeper into the relationship between mobile use and public transit.  As presented in that first article, mobile is no longer an option for public transit agencies… Smartphone users are relying … Read More