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Creating and managing public transit information for the public can be a time-consuming and inefficient process—but we’re here to help!

TransLoc Architect is a FREE software tool designed to save transit agencies time and money. By enabling agencies to easily create and update fixed-route stops, trips, and shapes in an intuitive map view, TransLoc Architect makes maintaining clean, error-free GTFS information simple!


Standardize your transit data so it is consistent with agencies across the country


Allow third-party applications—like TransLoc Rider, Google Transit or Apple Maps—to display your transit routes/schedules


Interact with automatic vehicle location systems (AVL), like TransLoc RealTime

General Transit Feed Specification, or GTFS, defines a uniform format for public transportation schedules and associated geographic information. GTFS is crucial for agencies that want to make their information available to the public.

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Simply put, Architect is a free web application designed to help transit agencies efficiently manage GTFS, but it’s so much more than that. With Architect, you can:

  • Create and Update GTFS

    Create and update a new GTFS file using TransLoc Architect’s intuitive, map-based platform.

  • Easily Manage GTFS

    Import an existing GTFS file and make changes with ease—Architect allows you to make edits right on a map.

  • Automatic Validation

    Confirm GTFS information is valid as you go, so errors don’t come as a surprise later.

  • Export GTFS for Utilization

    Quickly export your accurate GTFS information for submission to apps like Google Transit, TransLoc Rider, and Apple Maps.

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