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General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS)

Seamlessly share your validated GTFS feeds.

Create, manage, and deliver real-time route changes with TransLoc Architect.

The S in GTFS is for simplicity.

Remove the tedious, prolonged, and error-prone process of creating, managing, and sharing GTFS data. Let’s improve your ability to deliver timely and accurate mobility options, so that your riders feel that other S-word: satisfied.

The Building Blocks of Mobility Freedom

Dependable GTFS data are the building blocks for a seamless and enjoyable rider experience. It gives riders the ability to find the nearest bus stop or keep tabs on vehicle ETAs. For transit operators, though, maintaining these building blocks is not always fun – loading thousands of bus stops in a spreadsheet for hours upon hours is clunky and boring.

TransLoc’s Architect GTFS tools introduce speed, reliability, and even a little bit of fun to GTFS creation and management.

It’s time you enjoyed playing with building blocks again.

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Features Include

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GTFS Development

One application to experience the full cycle of GTFS development

Architect simplifies the creation, management, and publication of GTFS data through an intuitive, map-based platform designed to minimize errors and maximize efficiency.


Feeds that Get Along with Others

Seamlessly share your validated feed with mapping platforms and mobility apps like Google Maps, Transit, and Moovit.

Save Time and Eliminate Errors

No need to fear surprise errors! Identify problems with ease by validating your GTFS data as you go, so your riders never miss a beat.

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Customer Stories

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Waco Transit System

Waco Transit has been a TransLoc fixed-route customer since 2012. Why? Like any good relationship, communication is key. Fixed-route services helped Waco Transit communicate directly with riders about road closures and route changes through in-app notifications. Continue Reading “Waco Transit System”