Our Company

TransLoc is a subsidiary of Ford Mobility. We are part of a broad suite of mobility solutions intended to enhance both public and private transit agencies. Together, we are working to solve the world’s mobility challenges and usher in the future of modern transportation in every part of the globe.

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Our History

From our earliest days in 2004, TransLoc’s focus has been on how to make the world a better place. Beginning with the world’s first-ever real-time vehicle tracking and passenger information system, we continue to break new ground, most recently with the industry’s first agency-owned on-demand microtransit solution.


August 18

One Unified Brand

TransLoc, DoubleMap, and Ride Systems unify as one company under the name, TransLoc
April 30

Multi-Language App

TransLoc deploys multi-language app functionality making transit more accessible for millions
April 3

COVID-19 Response

TransLoc launches services to support transit agencies during COVID-19, including contact tracing and the ability to deliver meals with on-demand technology
February 10

First Autonomous Vehicle

TransLoc technology powers the first autonomous vehicle in the state of North Carolina
January 30

The Best Workplace

TransLoc recognized as a 2020 best workplace for commuters
November 27

Best in Biz

TransLoc wins Best in Biz Award for “Most Innovative Service of the Year”
October 7

PublicInput Partnership

TransLoc partners with PublicInput.com to increase community involvement in microtransit services
September 9

Fast Company’s 2019 Innovation

TransLoc honored in Fast Company’s 2019 Innovation by Design Awards
July 30

40 Years of Combined Transit Experience

Largest microtransit providers TransLoc, DoubleMap, and Ride Systems join forces with Ford to bring together 40 years of combined transit expertise and technology
March 27

The Movement Podcast

TransLoc debuts “The Movement” podcast
December 13

Largest Microtransit Solution Provider

TransLoc becomes the largest provider of microtransit solutions to transit agencies in the U.S., with its technology solutions adopted in 55 cities from coast to coast
September 13

Three Business Units

TransLoc commits to serving three business units announcing the Municipal, Campus, and Mobility Information Units to surround sound its customers’ needs
February 13

Ford Mobility

TransLoc becomes a member of the Ford Mobility team by acquisition
November 13

Microtransit App

TransLoc brings agency-owned microtransit to the market with the new Microtransit app
August 13

Microtransit Simulator

TransLoc launches the Microtransit simulator to allow agencies to make data-driven decisions
June 13

Most Innovative Transportation Company

TransLoc makes Fast Company’s 10 Most Innovative Companies in Transportation
March 13

Google Partnership

Google partners with TransLoc following the success of Architect, a free and easy-to-use web application to manage and share transit data (GTFS)
January 27

Journey Holding Corp

Ride Systems and DoubleMap Inc. announce a merger of the two companies into Journey Holding Corp
February 13

On-Demand Launched

TransLoc launches OnDemand for flexible agency-owned demand-response system, debuts on campuses and expands to municipalities
July 13

Traveler Launched

TransLoc launches Traveler to give agencies a better view of their data and to connect with riders for alerts and surveys