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How the Amazing People at TransLoc Drive Big Ideas

It’s already been one year since we became part of the Modaxo family of people transportation brands! For nearly two decades, TransLoc has been focused on the mobility of people. With this new partnership, we are maintaining our brand and autonomy while benefiting from Modaxo’s investment, support, best practices, and peer learning.  

When I took over as General Manager in August, I was met with an energetic team and a lot of big ideas. We want to be the premier technology provider for campuses and municipalities in North America to facilitate the movement of people. To accomplish that, we will continue to focus on developing and delivering innovative products, and we will continue working with our partners to add even more value.  

TransLoc has been in the industry for almost 20 years, so we know that turning big ideas into reality takes a team of amazing people. Our TransLoc team is made up of professional, dedicated, and talented engineers, developers, product managers, legal experts, customer support specialists, installers, implementation specialists, sales representatives, customer success managers, finance experts, IS&T specialists, data analysts, HR pros, and marketers.  

Over the next several weeks, we’ll introduce you to the dedicated employees who drive TransLoc – a strong, diverse team that is committed to our customers, our products, and our future. I know you’ll see how special the TransLoc team is!