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Brandon Hicks, Supervisor, Installation and Inventory at TransLoc

As our Supervisor of Installation and Inventory, Brandon oversees and manages TransLoc’s hardware offerings in multiple ways. He helps maintain our inventory levels through vendor relations and device setup assistance. For the installation team, he helps schedule the installers, while also being a technical and administrative resource while those installers are in the field.

Brandon has been with TransLoc for seven years, but he has always had an interest in electronics (he says that no toy was ever safe!). When he got a little older, he gained an interest in cars and car electronics and worked for several years doing vehicle electronics installations. Brandon says that the skills gained during that time were directly transferable to the installation of TransLoc’s systems.

Throughout the years of being on site with many of our customers Brandon has been able to see the impact that public transit has on the end users. He says that he’s seen the positive change that public transit has had on communities and hopes that it continues to expand and reach those who have no real options other than owning a car. Brandon believes that by focusing TransLoc’s offerings we are able to deliver a superior product and equally superior support.

On the weekends, you can find Brandon spending time with his children, mountain biking, and being outdoors.

If you’d like to connect with Brandon, you can find his LinkedIn profile here.