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Meet the Team Geoff Colbath Product Design Manager

Before coming to TransLoc nearly 1.5 years ago, Geoff worked as a web developer, user experience (UX) designer — including fulfilling the needs for both researcher and designer in a single role — and practice lead for product design. Today, as our Manager of Product Research and Design, he makes sure the Product Designers, Product Managers, Software Engineers, and others understand the problems our customers and their people (riders, drivers, dispatchers, etc.) face in their day-to-day lives. He then guides the evaluation and refinement of our solutions to solve those problems to the best of our ability. Geoff relishes the opportunity to speak with customers through onsite visits, remote interviews, or even surveys to really understand what matters most to them. He is excited to create the most value for TransLoc’s customer organizations to help them offer better transit services. 

Geoff grew up in a rural part of New Hampshire, where there was no public transit system, but the town was geographically large (70 square miles). You either walked, biked, or had to get your parents (or, your friends’ parents; and later, friends) to drive you any place you needed to go. Essentially, it was — and still is — a very automobile-centric environment. He moved to Chicago to earn his Master of Design (MDes) degree from the Institute of Design, which is where he fell in love with just how mobile you could be without a car in a place with a well-run public transit system. Since then, Geoff has held a place in his heart for public transportation. 

A big proponent of self-sufficiency, Geoff has learned (mostly via YouTube) how to do a great many things for himself, from automotive maintenance (and, more enjoyably, upgrades!) to home improvement and renovation to grooming poodles! On the weekends during winter, you can find him either on the slopes skiing (most likely at Alta) or taking care of his kids and to-do list around the house. In the summertime, Geoff and his family enjoy tent camping in one of the many breathtaking locations in Utah. 

If you’d like to connect with Geoff on LinkedIn, you can find his profile here