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Meet the TransLoc Team: Rebecca Johnson, VP, Operations

As the TransLoc Vice President of Operations, Rebecca Johnson oversees the strategic goals and alignment of Professional Services, Solutions Engineering, Customer Care, Customer Success and Hardware. Her team is focused on customer experience and success throughout the customer journey.

Rebecca started with TransLoc’s legacy partner DoubleMap in September of 2016 as a Senior Project Manager and was responsible for everything from implementation of new services to long-term support and customer success. Rebecca continued along the Implementation and Service Delivery path where she eventually managed implementation and hardware services. From there, she took on more and more responsibilities, ultimately leading to her current role as VP of Operations.

Rebecca believes that “there is nothing more important than allowing people access to all the opportunities they need and deserve.” She learned the value of public transit from her father who emigrated from Greece to Chicago, IL, where the entire family relied on public transit for the entirety of their lives in America. She says, “Public transit is simply a necessity, and in the case of my family it enabled them to establish themselves and grow in the US.”

Prior to getting into technology, Rebecca worked on improving animal welfare in her small, rural hometown. She’s very proud of the work she did there to introduce scalable programs and give a voice to the animal population. She continued that advocacy by volunteering in the largest municipal animal shelter in the state of Indiana for many years before moving to Alabama where she and her family now foster for the local shelter.

On weekends you will find Rebecca with her family, bustling back and forth between dance classes, horseback riding lessons, and community activities. They live in a lively college town that has put a lot of effort into developing community relationships and offering great programming and activities for families. You might also find Rebecca working on DIY projects, ranging from small crafts to full bathroom renovations. She loves creating and seeing ideas come to life.

If you’d like to connect with Rebecca on LinkedIn, you can find her profile here.