Using Strong Partnerships to Build Healthy Ecosystems

LAZ Parking + Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) | Los Angeles, CA

Operating Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), the 3rd busiest airport in the world, is no small feat. Such an agency requires an ecosystem of partners working in tandem to help manage its many moving components.

In 2021, when LAZ Parking took over shuttle operations, it faced a myriad of internal and external challenges. By employing their years of experience and TransLoc’s technology, they have been able to provide a safe, streamlined experience for travelers and employees alike.

LAZ Parking plus LAX
40,000 rides per day 3rd busiest ariport 97% client retention

With GPS tracking, we’re able to now monitor the shuttles better, and the airport is able to keep us honest and make sure we’re meeting regular headways. [This is] an improvement in service and a consistent service which was critical for the airport.

Ralph Caldin, VP Transportation Services - LAZ Parking


The unique layout of LAX splits the airport terminals, requiring passengers to utilize ground transportation for all terminal changes. When LAX experienced labor shortages and multiple flight cancellations in 2020-2021, they shut down much of their satellite parking, reduced the number of shuttles running, and reduced shuttle capacity; cumulating in increased need and decreased accessibility.

To make matters worse, unreliable shuttle GPS signals at lower level terminal entrances interrupted ETA and headway data causing shuttles to stack and provide inefficient headways for travelers. People with ADA transportation needs also had only a manual system in place which required more wait time and zero tracking.


LAZ Parking was able to obtain more reliable data by adopting TransLoc’s fixed-route service for their shuttles, which allowed them to reduce headways and provide an improved passenger experience. TransLoc APC and GPS technology provided data which allowed for improved location insights and safely reduced passenger capacity during the pandemic.

Using TransLoc’s OnDemand service, LAZ Parking has been able to improve the ADA shuttle process, making it easier and more efficient for ADA passengers to navigate the airport terminals while providing dispatch reporting on number of rides given, wait times etc.