Planning & Design

Sedona, Arizona

Surrounded by breathtaking views, more than 1.8 million acres of national park, and 300 miles of hiking trails, it’s no wonder the town of Sedona, AZ sees nearly 4 million tourists each year (and growing). The small community relies on 2 major roadways with no centralized public transit, illuminating Sedona’s need for an expeditious action plan to address major traffic congestion and perilous pedestrian conditions.

Sedona Shuttle
4 shuttle routes 5 major trailheads 3.5M average annual tourists 9 months from simulation to implementation

“Since we originally started working on this project; it’s become more about access to public lands in general - safe access - than just the microtransit itself and its usual form.

Robert Weber, Transit Manager Sedona, Arizona


  • Seeking to make meaningful change quickly, Sedona and its new transit manager were well aware of the major hurdles ahead of them. Looking to build out a long-term plan with immediate impact, they recognized the need to partner with a team that could develop and execute a powerful solution that was both pedestrian-friendly and environmentally sound.


  • Over the next several years, the city hopes to expand operations further as the town experiences increasing numbers of tourists. Sedona transit manager Robert plans to continue engaging with his community to determine their changing needs as he works with TransLoc’s AICP-certified planners to lay the groundwork for ongoing transit improvements and land preservation.