United Airlines | O’Hare International Airport

Chicago, Illinois

Recognized as one of the top ten airlines in the world, United Airlines continues to innovate for both customers and its employees. O’Hare International Airport serves as a hub for United and is constantly evolving through new expansions, additional point-to-point routes, satellite terminals, and ground transportation route changes. In 2018, United’s focus was improving the employee experience, serving 8,000 employees with 700 flights per day. When a new employee parking lot was established, United took the opportunity to implement TransLoc’s fixed-route services and create a white-label United app to provide accurate real-time tracking for employees and dispatchers.

[TransLoc’s software] was accurate and spot-on, [out of the other competitors] you were the ones that really wowed us. TransLoc had awesome customer service with quick turnaround times.

Brian Waston, Airport Operations – Hub Business Partners Manager

27 Vehicles Less than 5 minutes average wait time Partnered with TransLoc in 2020


    • Avoid the time-consuming inaccuracies of manually counting passengers
    • Find a simple solution that didn’t need “rocket scientist” skills to implement


    • TransLoc data showed ~17% of buses were not on-time, allowing the team to create a new process for drivers to improve OTP
    • ~70% of riders use the TransLoc app to track their bus
    • APCs allow the city to determine which stops are used most frequently and need bus shelters added