University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Baltimore, Maryland

In 2006, the University of Maryland, Baltimore County was one of the first five customers to partner with TransLoc. It started as a student-led initiative to bring transit with smart technology on campus. Since then, on-campus transit has been funded through a student parking fee approved through a democratic budget committee with student representatives.

UMBC prides itself on diversity and inclusion. With 120 countries represented on-campus, UMBC's transit services focus on being able to meet the needs of commuter and international students. As the campus looks to the future, they are eager to be able to expand the service farther off campus to tie into other universities in the area. TransLoc would play a tremendous role in expansion and growth.

I think it’s a wonderful service, we’ve had
nothing but success with it. From using the
instant replay viewer to review routes to
see if someone actually hasn’t stopped at a
stop, to the breadth of availability to
students to track the buses.

Grant McGarvey, Assistant Director UMBC Transit

24 Vehicles 1000 average daily rides Partnered with TransLoc in 2006


    • Safe, reliable, and responsive transit offering real-time tracking to students
    • Create a transit system to meet the needs of commuter and international students without cars while also allowing students the opportunity not to need cars on campus



    • 120% increase in ridership from 2015–2019 approaching 400,000 rides*
    • Reviewed headway and on-time data and added a peak time run so that a bus was leaving every half hour instead of hour to dramatically improve wait times and bus overcrowding
    • Four agencies in the area have partnered with TransLoc after seeing the success on campus