Waco Transit System

Waco, TX

Since 2012, Waco Transit System has used TransLoc’s fixed-route system to provide transit services to urban and rural residents, as well as Baylor University’s students and staff. Automatic vehicle locators (AVLs) and the TransLoc app have given riders the ability to track their buses and replaced their outdated mode of gathering data. As the city of Waco continues to grow at around 1% a year, changes in transit services throughout the city continue to evolve.

12 Fixed Routes 29 vehicles

It’s a big plus for us to be able to pick up the phone and explain what I want [changed to our service]. [Our support specialist] Megan knows the Waco Transit system, Baylor system, and our trollies.

Joseph Dvorsky, Director of Service Development


    • TransLoc’s in-app notifications allowed Waco Transit the ability to update city and Baylor riders on construction road closures and severe weather route changes
    • TransLoc’s team worked with a Waco contractor to re-evaluate routes in the app for the city’s 13-mile Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project


    • Adding Automatic Passenger Counters (APCs) on Baylor’s buses will allow for passenger count reporting, which will help make route changes to existing services
    • Plan to add Audio Visual Announcements (AVAs) and interior signage for ADA compliance