The MicroTransit Simulator

There is no doubt that municipal transit agencies are best positioned to deliver the ultimate rider experience, but having the right data, clear insights, and a smart plan can go a long way to helping you on that journey.

The MicroTransit Simulator is that first crucial step. Our predictive modeling approach brings big data analysis to help you answer how microtransit services would be most successful in your municipality.

Download the MicroTransit Simulator Whitepaper

Get the inside scoop on how to bring flexible microtransit to your municipality.

MicroTransit Simulator White Paper

The white paper includes:

  • How to avoid the pitfalls of trial and error by creating virtual simulations that address your specific needs
  • How to create “what if” scenarios that realistically identify viable microtransit opportunities before putting a single vehicle on the road
  • How to predict and plan for microtransit demand and service requirements with much greater confidence
  • How best to design a service that delivers an optimal rider experience while mitigating risk
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Simulations Answer Questions Like:

First/Last Mile

Could a circulator be replaced with demand-response service to a fixed-route stop?


How many vehicles are needed during peak hours for wait times to be 10 minutes or less?


What’s the cost per trip to serve twice the demand while maintaining service quality?

Underserved Areas

Which locales and how many riders can be served with how many vehicles?

Time of Day

When is it more economical to switch to full or supplemental demand-response?
MicroTransit Advertorial in PT Magazine

Read about our MicroTransit solution in APTA’s Passenger Transport Magazine

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TransLoc’s 3-Step Data-Driven Approach


Leverage TransLoc’s big data predictive modeling to simulate rider demand with your fleet operations.


The smart way to experience your municipality’s custom microtransit solutions with zero risk.

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The flexible demand-response system for automatically matching agency resources with rider needs.

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[ TransLoc ] made sure that… we were able to focus on what’s important: transporting communities safely.

– Robert D., Transportation Dispatch Manager