Planning & Design Services

Incorporate new strategies into your operations and maximize the power of your transit data. Our team can help you solve for common challenges surrounding:

  • Optimizing Budget & Reducing Costs
  • Improving Rider Experience
  • Creating Service Efficiency
  • Expanding Equity & Accessibility
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Data-Driven Services,
Designed for Flexibility

See how Napa Valley Transportation Authority partnered with TransLoc’s Planning & Design team to respond to riders’ needs during COVID-19, and how they’ve designed services to remain flexible for years to come.

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Our Services Include

Comprehensive Service Analysis


Analyze stops and routes to identify potential efficiencies and recommendations for areas of improvement.

Microtransit Simulations


Access data that allows you to evaluate the risks and benefits of launching on-demand service with estimations of cost and rider experience.

Service Cost Analysis


Forecast the expense required to operate a particular set of services, considering rider behavior, resource limitations, and your economic environment.

Route & System Design


Leverage your data and unique goals to inform service design, complete with recommendations for optimizing performance while reducing costs & improving efficiency.


Learn more about our services and how we can partner together to develop a fully flexible, rider-centric transit program.

Microtransit Simulator


Case Study


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