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On-Demand Microtransit Simulation

Eliminate the guesswork.

Tap into the power of our versatile, data-driven microtransit simulation tool to get the critical answers you need when planning a new service or optimizing an existing one.


When we went to on-demand services, we no longer had to guess where people needed to go for their essential trips. The riders told us with every requested ride when and where they needed to go.

— Rebecca Schenck, principal planner at Napa Valley Transportation Authority

Predict Your Mobility Future With Confidence

TransLoc’s On-Demand Microtransit Simulator is our smarter and more precise version of a crystal ball.

Using your community knowledge and ridership data, our predictive modeling algorithms evaluate an infinite number of "What If?" scenarios without needing to put a single vehicle on the road.

What should your service look like? How will it interact with existing fixed routes? What impact will it have on ridership?  Let us show you.

Reliable Solutions for
Complex Mobility Challenges

Cities & Transit Agencies

Reliable transportation is central to keeping communities moving. With TransLoc, you can provide equitable and accessible transportation to everyone you serve.

  • Service area optimization
  • Service growth opportunities
  • Adding or modifying on-demand or fixed-route service
  • Transit planning assistance
  • Budget constraints
  • Sharing service performance data

Transportation is a lifeline to the campus experience. Create an intuitive mobility ecosystem with the touch of a button, keeping your riders informed and engaged.

  • Service area expansion
  • Reduction or adding or modifying on-demand or fixed-route service
  • Transit planning assistance
  • Budget constraints
  • Sharing service performance data
Operator Partners

Evaluate combinations of services & scenarios and predict the potential impact on your operations. 

  • Optimize service areas
  • Alleviate budget constraints
  • Identify growth opportunities
  • Understand service performance
  • Transit planning assistance

Boost Community Satisfaction

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Improve Operational Efficiency

Ensure your fleet doesn’t waste a single mile

Understand ridership habits and identify precisely when to make a change in order to reduce deadhead, amplify revenue, and prevent wear and tear. Discover how you can replace an underperforming fixed route with an on-demand microtransit service that turns 60 minute headways into 20 minute door-to-door trips.


Plan Together

AICP-certified transportation planners help you design on-demand microtransit service zones, determine fleet size, and grow your operations with increased ridership demand.

Commitment to Equity

Simulate the impact of extending on-demand microtransit transit to traditionally underserved communities.

No Risk. All Rewards.

Design your transit service in a virtual environment capable of running endless real-world scenarios — no vehicles required.

Unlimited Possibilities

Customize our simulation tool to address your unique objectives and analyze the nuance of your transit system.

Education is Power

Educate partners and stakeholders on how on-demand microtransit can reshape communities using easy-to-understand data visualization.

Let's Get Moving

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