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Planning & Design Services

Our planners + you = a perfect match.

Our AICP-certified planners are certified problem solvers who will partner with you to design an affordable and efficient solution for your complicated transit challenges. Prepare to fall in love.

We can serve more people with fewer vehicles, putting resources out where they’re most needed and providing that right level of mobility for everyone.

— Brittany Barrett, assistant director of transportation at Emory University, 2016-2021.

Adapting at the Speed of Life

Our transit experts — accredited by the American Institute of Certified Planners — will guide you to transit nirvana by exploring innovative solutions that unite your fixed-route and on-demand microtransit services into a well-rounded transit system.

Bringing years of transit experience, we review your mobility ecosystem, deploy world-class algorithms, and run multiple simulations to maximize service efficiency.

We’ll help you plan an optimized transit system with accessible, equitable, and sustainable solutions so you can continue to provide mobility for all. Today and tomorrow.

Services Include



Comprehensive service analysis to determine your needs

Start with the basics. Our AICP-certified experts run a deep analysis of your stops and routes to identify potential efficiencies and possible areas of improvement.

Operational Benefits

  • Customize Your Solution

    Transit isn’t one-size-fits-all. As your trusted partner, our team of AICP-certified planners will translate and utilize all types of transportation data to help you effectively plan, design, and implement custom mobility solutions.

  • Optimizing Budget & Reducing Costs

    Get the most back for your buck. Evaluate your entire system to maximize operations and reduce operational costs without sacrificing your mobility or rider experience.

  • Create Service Efficiency

    With the right data, we reveal innovative solutions that will determine the optimal time and location to use your fixed-route and on-demand microtransit services.

Rider Benefits

  • Improve Rider Experience

    Create true mobility for all. Easily flex between your services to meet your riders where and when they need you.

  • Expand Equity And Accessibility

    By digging deep into your goals and community needs, TransLoc’s Planning & Design Services will help you deliver on your promise to create mobility solutions for all.

  • Prepare For The Future

    The transit landscape continues to change. By arming your agency with data-driven insights, you can empower your organization to design the right service, address current needs, and set your agency up for sustainable, scalable success.

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