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A versatile Mobility Solution

“Existing urban transit modes can continue to operate, but today citizens demand more than simply expanding old systems. They have access to smartphone apps and flexible ride options that have become popular by focusing on ease of use and a great rider experience.”

Transit leaders are struggling to overcome the obstacles presented by an increasingly outdated public transit system. As municipalities and transit agencies work to understand the demands of a rapidly-evolving transit landscape, they are discovering that microtransit delivers a flexible, adaptable, and versatile solution to an antiquated system.

“In many American urban communities, public transit’s evolution has been slow for more than 50 years. Larger cities relied on underground or elevated trains to handle public transportation in dense urban areas. Above-ground, fixed bus lines with 40-foot-plus buses transported passengers from outside the city to their jobs in the urban core. If citizens needed more flexibility or speed than these options provided, they needed their own car—which they drove on ever-widening highways.”

TransLoc is committed to helping municipalities and transit agencies overcome the challenges presented by traditional modes of public transportation. Microtransit offers an affordable alternative to car ownership and costly traditional ride-sharing services, expanding and strengthening the transportation ecosystem.

Tom Gerend, Executive Director of Kansas City Streetcar Authority in Kansas City, Missouri; Rudy LaFlore, Chief Project Consultant at Sunline Transit Agency in Riverside County, California; and other transit leaders discuss how microtransit is transforming the way they think about mobility in our latest white paper.

Download the white paper to learn more about microtransit as a versatile mobility solution.