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"All I was doing was trying to get home from work."


Today marks 106 years since Rosa Parks was born in Tuskegee, Alabama. She has been recognized by the United States Congress as the “First Lady of Civil Rights” and the “Mother of the Freedom Movement.” As a symbol of hope and equality, today we celebrate Park’s courageous spirit and ceaseless perseverance.

Parks shared many lasting sentiments as an activist during the civil rights movement. One of her most famous quotes is, “All I was doing was trying to get home from work.” This statement could originate from millions of Americans on a daily basis. Getting to and from work is such a basic and necessary step in our day, and for many of us it’s a given that we will take public transportation or drive a car. The American Public Transportation Association reports that “people board public transportation thirty-five million times each weekday,” yet “forty-five percent of Americans have no access to public transportation.” Having a safe and reliable mode of transportation to get to work, a medical appointment, a family gathering, etc. should be readily available to all Americans—no exception.

Rosa Parks became a pioneer based on the simple act of trying to get home from work. At TransLoc, it is our mission to make public transit the first choice for all. We are inspired by brave individuals like Parks who refuse to accept the status quo when the status quo is unacceptable. Today we celebrate an exemplary role model who continues to inspire us to challenge the norm and push the bar to ensure that public transit is the first (and available) choice for all.

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