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Announcing TransLoc OnDemand

TransLoc OnDemand is a go, people. Get excited about it. No, really. We’ve officially launched with three university Safe Ride programs across the nation and already hit 10,000 rides!

The OnDemand program soft-launched only a month ago, and we’re seeing crazy results, including a 49% decrease in dispatcher calls (at Emory University) and a 12% decrease in rider wait times (way to go NYU!). Obviously, we’re pretty stoked with improvements like those, but there’s more. OnDemand is not only a fantastic solution for Safe Ride programs, but is also applicable to paratransit and first mile/last mile connectivity options.

If you’re not familiar with OnDemand, learn more about our demand-response transit solution. Also, if you’re interested in learning about the full potential behind TransLoc, the OnDemand product, and what we’re doing to Uber-ize public transit, read this article by ExitEvent’s Laura Baverman (we’re very flattered).

We hope you’re as excited by OnDemand as we are. According to Paul Reeves at Emory, “TransLoc OnDemand is a powerful tool that provides our passengers with an intuitive, user-friendly experience for reserving a Safe Ride… [and] enables our transportation team to provide better safety and more efficient service.” Interested? Talk to us about getting your riders on OnDemand.