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Destination Democracy

TransLoc is committed to equitable transportation. When we saw a need within communities where constituents rely on public transportation to reach the polls, we decided to act. Voting is as fundamental a right as transit. This election season, we are doing our part to get out the vote. We are releasing free, innovative features in the TransLoc app allowing riders to access voting information while in-app and visualize polling locations near them.

Where Did We Begin? 

We began by conducting an in-app rider survey to determine how we could best build a solution to fill the gap. Here is what riders reported: 

How Does it Work? 

Riders using the TransLoc app now have in-app access to to equip them with educational information. Once riders are in the app they’ll find a prominent “VOTE” button. Upon clicking this button an external link will open taking riders to is an official website of the United States Government designed to assist citizens in registering to vote, locating polling stations and gathering information necessary to create a voting plan. Through, riders can explore voting and election resources including voter ID requirements, polling places, and election dates.

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Polling locations are also now visible within the TransLoc app. Using polling location data from The Voting Information Project, we display all confirmed polling locations within the visible radius after a rider enters the address where they’re registered. This innovative feature allows riders to easily locate the nearest polling locations and determine which ones are closest to their transit routes.

DD Blog Post Images copyIn addition to the visualization of polling locations on the map, riders also have access to site information including what services are offered at the specific location like early voting, ballot drop off, etc. To retrieve this information, riders can simply click the “VOTE” location marker.
For more information on the status of your community’s polling location data, please contact your local election officials and review the information found on:

For any questions regarding this or other TransLoc features, please reach out to