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Go Vote NC!
election transit app

We specialize in solving systemic problems through software, and we’re particularly focused on enhancing mobility for our local Raleigh-Durham community and dozens of others across the country. One of our most recent side projects combines the powers of open data, open application program interfaces (API) and public transit to provide a simple solution to something that impacts everyone – finding and getting to the polling station on November 8.

North Carolina is one of the most important battleground states the 2016 election, with 15 electoral college votes. Getting voters to the polls is more important than ever, but it isn’t always easy to figure out where to go and how to get there. That’s why the TransLoc product and data teams developed the GoVoteNC*** web app. The app streamlines the voting process by not just identifying the correct voting booth location for a registered North Carolina voter, but also providing the best public transit route to get there.

GoVoteNC uses public voter registration data from the North Carolina Board of Elections and public transit data from Google Maps Direction API. When users identify themselves as a North Carolina registered voter and confirm their identity in the web form, it will show the easiest public transit and/or walking route to their polling location.

GoVoteNC was designed and developed during TransLoc’s Dev Days, when our developers run a self-directed hackathon. Every quarter, TransLoc’s product teams take a break from working on our suite of mobility products to work on passion projects. During Dev Days, teams self-organize around a proposed project and work together to come up with a solution that addresses a problem. The project can be as simple as a potential plan of action to an actual web app. TransLoc’s unique approach to cross-collaborating with peers within the product department and across the organization is core to our company’s culture.

With the election right around the corner, we’re excited to provide a one-stop-shop for helping North Carolina residents get to the polls. Go to GoVoteNC*** to find directions to your nearest polling station!

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***Note: GoVoteNC was a temporary project and has expired. Sorry for any inconvenience.