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train station with view of tracks

We believe in magic because “we are the magic,” as our team loves to say.

We are the Client Implementation department: the landing spot for TransLoc’s new customers and projects. The moment the ink on the contract dries, we take a customer’s transit project from an idea on paper to an optimized and accessible system.

The magic we create is not an illusion, and it’s definitely not by accident. We are strategic and intentional. Our five-step process is constructed to drive progress and create project alignment between all stakeholders. This allows us to deliver a fully functional transit system that will revolutionize mobility for the community our customers serve.

Our Five-Step Implementation Process

Step 1: Project Kick-off

We perform an extensive review of the implementation process—expectations, responsibilities, and onboarding plans. In this step, customers see our commitment to transparency and continuity. We put everything on the table and identify how we will collaborate to achieve desired goals.

Step 2: Development & System Configuration

Our goal is to provide viable and scalable solutions that optimize transit systems big and small. To do this, we perform a deep dive into transit system data and deconstruct unique challenges that pop-up. By dissecting a challenge to its core, we generate a viable and scalable solution that can be implemented into a real-life transit system.

Step 3: Build, Test & Deploy

The kid in us loves this step because we get to play with some new toys! Our hardware specialists analyze the compatibility of the new hardware in a live testing environment. We perform thorough, hands-on quality assurance checks to verify that installation was performed accurately. And we listen to candid and consistent feedback from customers—feedback that is used to quickly troubleshoot issues.

Step 4: Training

We are serious about our responsibility to show how to maximize the features of our hardware and software. Education is a huge piece of our onboarding process. We love to engage with transit operators and administrators through extensive training programs that cover essential product functions. The sooner our transit partners are up to speed about the functionality of their new hardware and software, the sooner their riders will see the benefits.

Step 5: Launch Day

The day we all work towards. As trusted partners, we share in the excitement in seeing riders benefit from a new system. We stand together every step of the way during deployment, ensuring day-to-day needs are met and the service is running optimally.

These steps alone do not make us successful. Think of these steps as parts of an engine. Our core values are the oil that keeps our engine firing on all cylinders.

We bring genuine empathy to each partnership because we know our customers, like us, care about the future of mobility. We actively listen, explore all angles to complex problems, and adapt to any situation. This agile approach to our work allows us to deliver a comprehensive and strategic service where no detail is left unexplored, and all voices are heard. 

Sounds magical, right? All jokes aside, it’s simply the execution of decades of transit experience and professionalism. Get in touch with us and let’s investigate how our products can empower your community through the freedom of mobility.