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When we formally announced TransLoc OnDemand in late September of last year, we had served 10,000 rides, all of which were handled, well, on-demand. In other words, a rider requested a ride and a vehicle came to pick them up ASAP.

As of today, we’ve served over 75,000 on-demand rides and now we’re thrilled to extend OnDemand to allow riders to request rides in advance. Not only can your transit agency offer an on-demand, Uber-like option to riders, but now, your agency can support services that require booking a ride in advance.

Many of the most vital demand-response services, such as paratransit and rural-specific, require riders to book their ride in advance. We believe that all users, regardless of location, disability, or service level, should receive the same amazing experience of using technology.

This technology affords riders many advantages, such as:

  • Getting an arrival prediction of their demand-response vehicle
  • Tracking their vehicle as it moves on a digital map in real-time
  • Booking rides right from their smartphone, tablet, or computer as opposed to calling a dispatcher on the phone (although this is supported by OnDemand also)

As we push forward with OnDemand, we’re hopeful that in-advance scheduling will allow agencies of all shapes and sizes to offer a flexible and incredible demand-response service to their riders. We are hoping to solve many common transit problems by incorporating seamless first mile/last mile transit, accessing areas previously under serviced or not serviced at all, replacing buses during low traffic times, and eventually creating a flexible microtransit solutions that is available at any time. If you’re a transit agency and you want to uplevel the service you provide to your paratransit, rural, or dial-a-ride constituents, OnDemand can help you immediately.

Interested? Request a demo today.