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National Shared Mobility Summit

As of today, we’re two weeks away from the 2019 National Shared Mobility Summit, and we’re excited! The TransLoc team is ready to join thinkers and doers in exploring how different mobility options can join forces to create a multi-modal transportation system that’s affordable, efficient, accessible, and environmentally sound.

We attended Shared Mobility Summit for the first time in 2018 and walked away with seven key insights into the emerging trends within shared mobility, public-private partnerships, and collaborations across various sectors. Most importantly, it was an opportunity to better understand the challenges and tough decisions that mobility leaders, policymakers, and tech innovators are facing.

This year our team is looking forward to seeing the progress that has been made in making shared mobility work for all, and learning new methods of how smart technology is utilized to enhance cities and local communities. A key theme of the 2019 Summit is finding ways to address climate change, and we’ll be there to explore ways for combining shared mobility, electrification, and land-use that can reduce global warming.

We’ll also be there to connect with other industry leaders and share insights from our partnerships and expertise. Join our team in learning more about innovative mobility solutions in two ways:

  1. Our National Director of Policy, Josh Cohen, will be participating in a panel discussion focused on the broader institutional questions around bringing together a variety of public and private services and providers to implement a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) system. The panel discussion, “MaaS System Design and Organization” is scheduled for Thursday, March 7 at 2pm. 
  2. Attendees of the event have the opportunity to connect with TransLoc’s team of experts for a free agency-owned microtransit consultation.

Hope to see you in Chicago!