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Safe Campus Transportation Amidst Covid-19

As students return to campus this Fall, we know the main concern is safety. The goal is to keep students, faculty and drivers safe, while providing timely and efficient transportation. Transit planners must also factor in unaccustomed protocols such as social distancing and PPE, all while capturing data to be utilized for contact tracing. 

TransLoc is here to ensure your students can be transported safely with the ease and comfort they desire. We are working with Universities, both large and small, to help achieve a plan of safe transportation.

We utilize the experience and feedback from Universities around the nation to develop transportation programs designed to enable safe social distancing and ease of implementation. Features like contact tracing reports, demand response software, and vehicle capacity limiting have been helpful during these times.

Contact Tracing Reports

Understanding who was riding and when they were in your vehicles can enable more effective management of the COVID-19 virus on campus. We can help you log and report to health or other campus services who monitor the COVID-19 virus.

Demand Response Software

Demand Response transportation allows a campus to provide controlled and limited transportation to students, faculty and staff. Pick them up at their dorm and drop them off at their classroom, eliminating the need for bus stop congregation while still providing an essential service to students. 

Capacity Limiting

With automatic counting of riders you can inform students, faculty and staff as to how many seats are available on the bus at any given time. Alert them through our application or online and continue to operate your transit system responsibly. 

We are seeing many campuses pivot from traditional fixed route systems to agile on-demand services in a matter of weeks, utilizing both existing vehicles and personnel. We can consult with your team and determine the right way to use the resources at hand for your Fall semester. 

Partner with us so that students can focus on their education and we can worry about how to safely transport them around campus. Contact us today!