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screenshot of the TransLoc app

We’ve just added two new features that help round out Time Filtering in TransLoc Traveler. The first is a date range picker. The date range picker gives you the ability to limit the window of data you are looking at down to the day. It also defaults to viewing every piece of data in our system, from the oldest to the newest, so now there is never any mystery about what range of time you are viewing.

Date Picker

The second new feature in Traveler is time filter presets. The presets are a pre-made list of useful hour, day, and month combinations. Want to see data for weekday rush hours only? Click “Weekday AM Rush” to automatically select data for all weekdays from 6am to 9am.


Time Filter Presets

As an added bonus, once a date range and/or time filter has been applied to your data, a written summary will appear near the top of the time controls. The summary describes the timeframe of the data you are seeing in an easy to read natural language format. It will be visible even when the time controls are collapsed, so it’s great for quickly getting context, no matter where you are in Traveler.