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The total mobility package arrives at the University of California San Diego

The future of the college experience depends on a bold new mobility solution.

College life is about more than getting to class on time or using downtime to study in the quad. Many campuses are designed to be microcities, offering a complex educational ecosystem where students and faculty can learn, work, and play without ever leaving campus grounds.

Let’s scope the University of California San Diego (UC San Diego), home of the Tritons, as an example. Walk — or, even better, ride a Spin electric scooter — across its pristine 2,178 acre campus, and you’ll see 75,000 Tritons bouncing between classes and research labs to student organization fairs on Sungod Lawn, dozens of grab-and-go dining services, or concerts at The Loft.

We’ll say that again: 75,000. That’s nearly double the population of the neighboring city of Poway.

Connecting this volume of students, faculty, and staff to these campus services and, more importantly, each other doesn’t happen by accident.

Accessible, affordable, and smart mobility solutions make it possible.

It’s why UC San Diego first partnered with Spin in 2017 to help find its mobility flow. Students and faculty can now safely, efficiently, and sustainably complete the first and last mile of their trip — and not drop a ton of cash in the process (that’s money pocketed for midnight runs to Vallarta’s).

Also, let’s be honest, cruising through campus on an e-bike or e-scooter is a blast.

Uniting Fixed Route, On-Demand Microtransit, and Micromobility 

Micromobility is crucial to any modern transit system, and its strength is enhanced when combined with traditional fixed-route and on-demand microtransit services.

A comprehensive mobility solution that leverages the muscle of this mobility trinity is the type of eco-friendly and forward-thinking transportation planning that campus communities can’t wait for — they need it now.

Fortunately, the wait is over. TransLoc, Spin, and Ford Mobility — Ford Motor Company’s* mobility products and services arm — are helping to deliver an improved multimodal mobility experience to UC San Diego.

This mobility solution suite is a game changer. TransLoc’s advanced fixed-route and on-demand microtransit technology and Spin’s e-bike and e-scooter sharing service will unite under a single transportation ecosystem powered by Ford Mobility.

TransLoc’s flexible and intuitive transit orchestration software introduces real-time location and capacity data, on-demand door-to-door services, and vehicle dispatching capabilities to UC San Diego’s fleet of 40 fixed-route buses and assortment of shuttles and electric carts.

Spin will fill the first mile/last mile gaps by supplying 600 e-bikes and e-scooters to the UC San Diego campus. In addition, nine Spin Hubs — high-tech docking stations that display transit system information while riders charge or park their e-scooters — will help riders plan for every inch of their journey.

And the thread that weaves it all together? The trusted Ford brand with its 118-year history of leading innovation in mobility.

The Benefits for Transit Providers and the Campus Community

If you’re a university transit provider, you know this historic partnership means:

  • Accessible mass transit services: The freedom of movement for all means all. TransLoc Fixed Route and OnDemand is WCAG 2.0 AA compliant because, as members of the Ford family*, we are serious about service accessibility. TransLoc’s software capabilities — including automatic passenger counting, vehicle dispatching and tracking, and curb-to-curb on-demand microtransit — enable agencies to share real-time information to give riders a choice on when and where they board the bus. 
  • Planet-protecting mobility solutions: Empty fixed-route buses on low-performing routes are out. Flexible on-demand service zones and sustainable micromobility hubs are in. TransLoc OnDemand enables transit providers to pivot their services when rider habits change, reducing the carbon footprint from empty buses circling around campus. Spin Hubs declutter walkways while providing Spin users a reliable destination to pick-up their fully-charged ride. This is the smarter and greener approach to mobility that puts a smile on the face of Mother Nature.
  • Save that other green — cash!: On-demand services and micromobility hubs are perfect for supplementing routes with low ridership and cutting down on operational expenses. Does it get better than that? Thanks to Ford Mobility, the answer is yes! By combining TransLoc and Spin’s mobility solutions under the Ford banner, university transit providers can secure a mobility solutions package that fits any budget.

And whether you’re a Triton or a student or faculty from one of the remaining 3,982 degree-granting universities in the U.S., you know that:

  • More mobility options equal better community connection: The feeling of belonging cannot be beat, and it is especially important on a university campus. The freedom of movement reduces isolation and creates an engaged campus community where discovery and personal connection is possible.
  • A versatile transit system is a safer transit system: It’s comforting to know that you can rely on multiple modes of efficient transportation to get you door-to-door at any time, day or night. Cramming in the library all night for finals is stressful enough — getting to or from the library shouldn’t be.  
  • You will never be late again: Thanks to accurate-to-the-second bus tracking and e-bike and e-scooter inventory. Go ahead and plan your trip with confidence. Your professors will thank you (and us).

Being a part of this new wave for campus transportation starts with a conversation. Contact us to discuss the unique transportation needs of your campus. We will help your campus find its mobility flow too.

*On March 1, 2022, global technology company Modaxo acquired TransLoc from Ford Motor Company. TransLoc is no longer affiliated with Ford or any Ford properties.