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Transit a big winner in midterm elections

In last week’s midterm elections, voters enthusiastically supported transportation issues. According to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), “Voters passed 17 of 20 transportation-related ballot measures—an approval rate of 85 percent.”

Ballot initiatives spanned the entire country, covering 15 states from Washington State and California to Florida and Maine. Voters showed support for services including light rail, ferries, trains, streetcars and bus systems.

TransLoc CEO Doug Kaufman said, “We’re at a really exciting time in America. Last week’s election will have a powerful impact on our society with measures like Proposition 6 in California, where citizens voted to support investments in infrastructure and transit systems. We’re ecstatic that voters realize the way to the vibrant, smart cities of tomorrow is to reimagine public transit that is smart, makes our world more sustainable, and provides access to all.”