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TransLoc introduces a fixed-route solution putting transit agencies in control of operations

Fast Ride

  • Transit providers need customized solutions that empower them to make quick and effective choices to address the unique issues impacting their transit operations
  • TransLoc Fixed Route puts transit providers in control of the choices they make to operate their fixed-route transit system
  • Transit providers can leverage TransLoc Fixed Route’s customizable dispatcher dashboard, widgets, and accurate performance data to make the best operational choices for their fixed-route transit system and riders

What choices did you make today?

Making choices is a part of life that we all share. Some choices are routine while others can be the catalyst for a life-changing experience.

No matter the scope of the choice, we want it to be the best choice.

When we’re figuring out what the best choice is, we want accurate information to guide us.

We want that information fast because some choices need to be made now.

And we want to know that the best choice is going to work for our specific situation.

Efficient Transit is All About Choices

TransLoc Fixed Route was designed on the belief that not only does choice matter — it’s individual. No choice can be the same because no single person is the same.

Running and maintaining an efficient and equitable transit operation is a daily exercise in trying to make the best choices. Transit providers are responsible for meeting the needs of their riders, optimizing their fleets, and modernizing their services to keep pace with community development and wavering budgets.

Here’s the problem: the best choices aren’t always universal. One size fits all may work in some industries, but not for transit system operations. A large urban university campus in the Northeast and a small rural liberal arts college in the Midwest may share the same goal of providing safe and reliable transportation to their students, but they each will make different choices to identify solutions that fit their distinct characteristics such as student population, geographic location, fleet size, and funding sources.

We have created a fixed-route software solution that puts choice in the hands of transit providers — where it belongs.

We understand this nuance having served thousands of universities, cities, towns, corporate campuses, and airports. It’s why the TransLoc ecosystem of solutions is designed to help transit providers make the best choices for their transit system and communities.

And it’s why we’ve used a “choice matters” philosophy as the foundation for the new TransLoc Fixed Route.

The New TransLoc Fixed Route

TransLoc Fixed Route gives transit providers control to create the operational management experience they need to run a reliable, equitable, and sustainable fixed-route system:

  • Customizable dashboard and widgets that are configurable with a simple drag and drop for any dispatcher of any skill level.
  • Choose from multiple dashboard layouts and prioritize the data that matters using an intuitive data-filtering process.
  • Access and analyze reliable real-time data across multiple solutions — accurate ETA and on-time performance, vehicle-capacity, idling times, vehicle maintenance status, and more. 

We have created a fixed-route software solution that puts choice in the hands of transit providers — where it belongs.

Running a transit system will never be perfect because the world isn’t perfect. Transit providers always expect disturbances to daily operations such as road closures, vehicle failures, or human error. That’s why they need a trusted solution to quickly alert them about an issue, and give them the reliable data they need to make an informed choice that delivers the best results for their operations and, most importantly, their riders.

The choice is clear. TransLoc Fixed Route is the solution.

Andy Lawrenz is TransLoc’s vice president of product with over 19 years of international transportation, mobility, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) experience.