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Women in Product

There are many reasons why TransLoc is a great place to work. From a culture that encourages living your best life inside and outside of work, to promoting empowerment, autonomy, and ownership at all levels of the company, TransLoc cares deeply about its employees. TransLoc also puts a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion, creating an environment that fosters diversity of thought and brings together people from varied backgrounds and experiences.

As a woman in product management, a field that often lacks diversity, this is critically important. Studies estimate about 35% of product management professionals in the United States are women, but as seniority increases the percentage of women rapidly declines. As a result, this leaves more junior-level product professionals without mentors, and worse yet, feeling isolated and alone. No one wants to feel like an outsider or as if no one understands or empathizes with their experiences or opinions.

As Co-Lead of the Raleigh-Durham chapter of Women in Product, our mission is to help women working in product (or aspiring to work in product) connect and build a support network. With 32 chapters across the globe, Women in Product opens up a vast network of local and virtual product professionals. Through monthly chapter meetings, we share product management best practices and learnings, coach one another through challenging personal and professional situations, and help each other with career advice and advancement. We also organize larger events focused on the three pillars below:

Community – Through online platforms and in-person events across the globe, we bring women in product together to network, mentor, and learn.

Mobility – We enable women to reach all levels of product careers by facilitating upward and lateral mobility, partnering with companies, and providing resources and programs.

Advocacy – We aim to influence decisions in the workplace across the industry to achieve equality for women in product at all career levels including senior leadership roles.

If you are a product management veteran, trying to make a career switch or just interested in learning more about the discipline, Women in Product is a great organization. It is always nice to know that you are not alone, but do not take my word for it, come and join us at the next Women in Product meet-up. More information about the larger Women in Product organization, can be found here.