OnDemand Dispatching

Give riders flexible options without overwhelming your system. Dispatchers can monitor pending, in-progress, and completed rides, as well as schedule call-in rides. Once a request is submitted, the driver is automatically notified via mobile app and dispatched using GPS location. Wait times are reduced for riders by grouping ride requests on similar routes. Rides can also be limited by predetermined service times and geographic area.

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Real-Time Rider Communications & Tracking

Riders can request a ride through a mobile app—making selecting pick-up and drop-off locations a breeze. Riders can watch their vehicle live, receive notifications as it approaches, and change or cancel their request. Plus, they can instantly pay for their rides ahead of time directly in the app.

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Minimal Set-Up & Onboarding

TransLoc’s intuitive cloud-based software system and our expert microtransit support team are here to get you up and running quickly, while minimizing any operational burdens and expense. Administrators are able to set up user accounts within minutes of receiving rider data, offering seamless onboarding for all passengers.

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Grow & Retain Ridership

Customize your coverage areas to provide reliable transit to more riders and provide a mobile experience that exceeds expectations of today’s transit riders. OnDemand offers riders an easy, mobile experience with ride booking, tracking, and fare payment. Plus, the intuitive OnDemand system can cut riders' wait times by half and significantly decrease ride time.

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Optimize Routes & Service

Replace or supplement fixed-route service areas on the fly (based on rider demand), and solve the frequency-coverage dilemma without increasing operating time or fleet size. Plus, you can access route-level data and usage reports to understand trends and growth opportunities to future-proof your transit agency.

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The driver-facing app provides operators with turn-by-turn navigation.
The rider-facing mobile web app is intuitive, easy-to-use, and available on any mobile device to keep passengers informed on the go.

Fully customizable reporting empowers your agency to make the best decisions possible.

I can offer our clients a better experience using the TransLoc system. The people behind the TransLoc company are GREAT.

– Shanon G., Parking & Transportation Coordinator