Taking the Public-Private Partnership to the Next Level

Innovation is more powerful
with collaboration

Our success is defined by our agency partners’ ability
to deliver mobility on demand efficiently and effectively.

Our Approach

You understand the complexities and needs facing your community. We believe that your service should be owned and operated with that expertise in mind. To that end, we partner with you to ensure your Microtransit Program is set up for success and help you meet the needs of your constituents.

Our trusted microtransit experts and accessible technology make it easy (and fun!) to deploy your new service. Through constant communication we listen to your feedback, test new approaches, and iterate on learnings so you get an optimal service by learning what works.

Microtransit Proposals

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Doing What’s Best for Your Community

Our proprietary Microtransit Simulator uses data from your service area and creates an implementation plan with key performance indicators to guide the pilot and inform the agency of what you can expect with microtransit.

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How we support your microtransit service

Use Case

We’ll spend time getting to know the nuances of your system and needs before recommending a path forward with your service design.


Data helps ensure your service is a success. Our simulation arms you with the knowledge to make intelligent decisions before proceeding with service.

Training & Support

We ensure your dispatchers and drivers know the in’s and out’s of our software with on-site training before they pick up your first passenger.


We offer strategic marketing consulting and proven assets to create enthusiastic adoption and ridership before, during, and after launch.


We’ll monitor key metrics and make recommendations on how to improve upon your existing program to bring the outcomes you desire.


You have access to all data and reports for performance management. Together we follow the data to continually improve service.

TransLoc + You = The Perfect Partnership

Working with TransLoc means you have a partner who’s with you in the trenches.

We do more than hand you the software to create a microtransit program, we work with you to create a program that meets your unique needs and challenges. Our team is there for you every step of the process, working with your team to find the service structure that meets your goals and help you boost adoption and ridership.

Bottom Line: We’re With You Every Step of the Way

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