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We were recently featured on ExitEvent in a very detailed and pretty awesome (if we do say so ourselves) article titled “Uber-izing Public Transit: RTP’s TransLoc a Startup To Watch in Transportation Tech.” The author, Laura Baverman, wrote:

The vision of 10-year-old bootstrapped TransLoc has always been to make public transit competitive with private by providing agencies and riders technology that makes it easier and more efficient to ride the bus. A new software, hinted at earlier this year by The Atlantic, gets the company even closer to that goal. In testing with transit agencies this fall is TransLoc OnDemand, which lets them offer Uber-like on-demand rides in smaller vans, cutaway buses and other vehicles at a fraction of the Uber price.

Baverman also points out that Uber is walking the line between “private and public transportation, offering services like “Smart Routes” which discounts rides for those who walk to a set location (like a bus stop) to hop an UberPool ride.” These services are now providing innovative options for transit users and non-users alike.

However, Uber partnering with public transit may not be the solution everyone is looking for:

New York venture capitalist, Fred Wilson has already called for a single platform to allow “multi-modal transportation,” writing in July that software that converges all the various transportation offerings in a single app on your phone is when “we will really have something.”

Well, we have good news, people—we’re working on that. If you’d like to learn more about TransLoc, our history, or our OnDemand product, read Baverman’s article here or go to our website at