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Offering contact tracing to transit providers amid Covid-19

The feature, along with others, helps maintain social distancing guidelines and ensures rider safety

DURHAM, N.C., July 8, 2020, – Ford Mobility’s TransLoc, Ride Systems and DoubleMap deliver critical COVID-19 safety features to transit providers to protect riders and drivers. The innovative transit orchestration software provides built-in safety features, including automatic passenger counters, touch-free payment systems, badge scanning, and contact tracing that can help transit agencies quickly navigate today’s needs.

“As public transportation continues to cope with disruptions caused by COVID-19, our organization is here to support transit providers in their attempt to reduce the spread of the disease,” said VP of Clients Ron Cygnarowicz. “The features we offer can be instrumental in maintaining safe social distancing guidelines to ensure rider and driver safety.”

Automatic passenger counters allow transit providers to track the number of passengers on each bus in order to adhere to safe social-distancing guidelines. Riders also have access to the information through the TransLoc app. The feature allows riders to make informed decisions about boarding buses based on current occupancy, giving riders peace of mind. Fare-payment integration allows passengers to pay transit fare from their mobile phones before boarding, for touch-free payment with our OnDemand service. The recently enabled contact tracing for OnDemand services gives transit administrators the ability to identify drivers, vehicle ID and on vehicle contacts in the event that a recent driver or passenger has been exposed to COVID-19. Similar to contract tracing, the badge scanning feature allows agencies to identify riders that may have boarded a vehicle with a COVID-19 positive rider or operator through the use of ID scans, enabling important tracking and tracing features to stop further spread of the virus.

Transit agencies and their riders have an evolving need, these improved features will help better meet those needs as we continue our battle against the coronavirus pandemic. Automatic passenger counters, and touch-free payment systems are existing product features, while badge scanning and contact tracing were developed specifically for the COVID-19 crisis. Each feature is available in the TransLoc app available on iOS and Android.

About TransLoc, Ride Systems, and DoubleMap

Together under the Ford Mobility umbrella, TransLoc, Ride Systems, and DoubleMap deliver a one-stop-shop for transit providers seeking transit operations solutions. Recognized by Fast Company for their innovative technology, today their intelligent transportation software portfolio includes flexible demand response, fixed route systems, and planning services, providing a one-stop-shop for more than 1500 agencies and transit providers worldwide. They are the largest single provider of agency-owned microtransit systems for municipal transit agencies in the U.S, and their fixed route and on-demand systems are at the core of both cities and towns, and on university and business campuses. TransLoc, Ride Systems and DoubleMap have collectively partnered with agencies to deliver the highest level of service and win the confidence of the riding public for more than a decade.

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On March 1, 2022, global technology company Modaxo acquired TransLoc from Ford Motor Company. TransLoc is no longer affiliated with Ford or any Ford properties.