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DURHAM, N.C.Nov. 11, 2014 – Until now mass transit has planned and deployed service without a means to understand how people use it and where they want to travel. The introduction of TransLoc Traveler creates a feedback loop, showing transit agencies for the first time ever how people move to, through and from mass transit.

“In this day and age, and with today’s technology, riders should expect transit to adapt to their needs rather than the other way around,” said TransLoc CEO Doug Kaufman. “With TransLoc Traveler, agencies are now empowered to understand those needs and plan accordingly.”

Because this information is currently unknown, most transit planning uses complex equations based on the only data available: stop boardings, alightings, and census figures. This offers a granular look at portions of the current service but misses the broader picture of where people actually start and end their trips.

TransLoc Traveler will be released in late Q4 and equips transit agencies with a larger, ongoing view of how their service is utilized and how their riders move today. This does more than just expose gaps and redundancies; for the first time transit agencies will have the ability to plan service around where and when people actually want to travel.


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