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First technology of its kind introduces feedback loop for mass transit

DURHAM, N.C.Dec. 2, 2014 — Today’s introduction of TransLoc Traveler means less work for transit agencies and riders in planning and using mass transit. Understanding how riders actually navigate their transit journey means agencies can plan confidently for the future.

As the use of mobile technology has become inherent in our daily lives, the question is how this usage can improve our quality of life. For mass transit the answer is TransLoc Traveler, which uses mobile data to illustrate rider travel patterns throughout a system, creating the foundation for smarter and more efficient transit.

“Many of our assumptions come graphically to life with Traveler,” says Samuel Scheib, transit planner and manager for The COMET.  “But more importantly we can see unexpected travel patterns and tailor new service to meet that demand efficiently.”

TransLoc Traveler uses a clear interface that quickly highlights where and when changes are ideal based on rider travel patterns. Making sense of the data is as simple as a click with the interactive, user-friendly maps rather than burying agencies in tables and spreadsheets. This visual nature translates even to non-transit audiences, allowing for more dialogue and input from community officials and advocates.

Creating a feedback loop that shows transit agencies how people move to, through and from mass transit is fundamental to growing a system that people want and choose to use. With TransLoc Traveler, transit agencies will have the ability to plan service around where and when people actually want to travel.

About TransLoc

TransLoc is taking transit from last resort for some to first choice for all through innovative technology that transforms the way we interact with transit. Since 2004 TransLoc has been the industry leader in real-time passenger information, providing live GPS tracking and management solutions to mass transit systems and creating the industry’s first native mobile apps. Learn more at


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