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Host Josh Cohen is joined by Former US Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx to Discuss New Opportunities Brought Forth by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

DURHAM, N.C., December 22, 2021 – Today, TransLoc celebrates the 150th episode of “The Movement Podcast” hosted by National Director of Policy Josh Cohen. The podcast has been streaming weekly since February 2019, talking with leaders who shape communities with brave decisions around transportation, housing, economic development, and other impactful mobility issues.

Former US Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx joins Cohen for the milestone episode: What is Different About Today? Together, they explore the “avalanche of opportunity” that the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law could allow, and proactively address the systems and processes that led to our current mobility environment. They discuss hard-hitting questions regarding who will make decisions about upcoming investment projects, who is benefiting from them, and whether or not these funds will ultimately go toward a more “included and inclusive America.” 

Foxx theorizes, “Maybe some places would do well to throw out their transportation improvement plans and start from a zero-based perspective. And say, ‘okay, what kind of community do we want to be in?’ Not from just a roads perspective, but from a multimodal perspective.”

On reaching this podcasting milestone Cohen shares, “Anthony Foxx is the perfect fit to join us for our 150th episode. The issues he’s advocated for over the years and the topics we’re discussing in this episode are consistent with themes that we’ve covered in the previous 149 episodes: barriers to equitable access to mobility and what we can do to tear them down. I’m grateful for the leadership of Secretary Foxx and all of the rest of ‘The Movement Podcast’ guests who have taken decisive and courageous action to ensure equitable access to mobility for all.”

Listen to the 150th episode of “The Movement Podcast” on TransLoc’s website or your favorite podcast app: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Stitcher

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