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TransLoc was featured in a Mass Transit magazine blog post titled “Public Transportation and the New Era of Information Technology” about the increased use of digital signage in transit.

The relevant section below details how TransLoc has integrated our real-time passenger information with digital signage software developer Visix:

Yet another technological development that will inevitably grow in importance is the integration of mobile applications with digital signage in mass transit. For example, digital signage software developer Visix’s support of TransLoc’s Real Time Passenger Information means that its AxisTV digital signage software now allows colleges and universities to display transit information in concert with other digital signage content such as announcements, weather, news and alerts.

TransLoc is a next-generation passenger information system that not only shows riders the real-time location of any given bus on campus but also shows that vehicle moving online. TransLoc info can be displayed on signage or accessed via the Web and mobile devices, creating a three-pronged digital information strategy.