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Introducing a new ride-hailing app in Johnson County - RideKC Microtransit

New on-demand curb-to-curb service will enable KCATA to close gaps in fixed-route transit offerings.

DURHAM, N.C., January 22, 2019 — TransLoc, a provider of innovative municipal agency-owned microtransit and campus transit technology solutions, today launched a new on-demand pilot program in partnership with the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA). The program will serve riders in Johnson County, Kansas.

KCATA opted to pursue the microtransit pilot with TransLoc because of TransLoc’s dynamic technical offerings and unique agency-owned approach, giving KCATA thorough insight and unparalleled capabilities to build microtransit offerings that match and enhance the mobility needs of Kansas City. With TransLoc’s smartphone app, riders will be able to schedule trips on-demand, and dedicated microtransit vehicles will arrive at the customers’ locations and carry them to their destination. The system will intelligently group rides together to enhance efficiency and reduce traffic congestion.

“We’re thrilled to be working with KCATA to create a microtransit system that will make a real difference for people working and living in the Kansas City area,” said TransLoc Municipal Business Owner, Elaine McVey. “In our mission to make public transit a first-choice travel mode for everyone, these pilot programs are an important way for agencies to test how well a highly agile and dynamic transit solution meets the mobility needs of their region.”

“Thanks to the innovative leadership of Johnson County Chairman Ed Eilert and the entire County Commission, the Kansas City region is about to see the true benefits of what microtransit service offers,” said Robbie Makinen, President and CEO of KCATA. “This new transit option will empower customers to make the choice that works best for them. It’s customer-driven transit.”

The pilot program will allow the city to test microtransit scenarios to fit the unique mobility needs of the Kansas City area, while receiving 24/7 support from TransLoc. TransLoc will provide ongoing information to KCATA throughout the program to evaluate the operations of the microtransit system, including key performance indicators such as ridership, productivity and cost.

In Johnson County, the program will focus on improving daytime and evening service, with emphasis on connecting students from their residences and the JCCC West Park Campus to nearby transit.

Following successful microtransit pilots in cities across the country including Norwalk, CT, Gwinnett County, GA and Plymouth, MN, KCATA is one of the 56 U.S. public transit agencies to sign on to TransLoc’s microtransit pilot program.

About TransLoc

Hailed by Fast Company as one of the world’s most innovative companies in transportation, TransLoc, a Ford Smart Mobility company*, is the maker of mission-critical transit operations solutions for flexible on-demand and fixed route systems. Today, the company’s products are used at more than 400 agencies. TransLoc is the largest provider of agency-owned microtransit systems for municipal transit agencies in the U.S, and its fixed route and on-demand systems are at the core of both cities and towns, and on university and business-style campuses. TransLoc is partnering with agencies to reach a higher level of service and win the confidence of the riding public for more than a decade. TransLoc is also proud to be a Google Partner through the company’s transit data business. To learn more, visit or follow us on Twitter at @TransLoc.


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*On March 1, 2022, global technology company Modaxo acquired TransLoc from Ford Motor Company. TransLoc is no longer affiliated with Ford or any Ford properties.