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You guys, we’re honored. No, really! We were recently named one of the “Salesforce 10” winners at Dreamforce 2015 (remember that huge conference that took over San Francisco and even brought in a cruise ship? Yeah, that) for the first-ever Salesforce Small Business, Big Impact Award.

We are small, and we’re definitely making a big impact, and people are noticing! But really, being recognized for our mission to make transit the first choice for all feels pretty great. Our  dedication to customer happiness was a key factor in the selection, something that we take very seriously at TransLoc. We aren’t satisfied with just building awesome products; we want them to have a positive impact in the lives of our customers and their riders.

In case you didn’t know, we also care about the environment a lot. In fact, our positive impact on the environment was another reason we were selected. A recent study found that without public transit networks, American cities would have to be 37% larger to account for land-use effects (Transportation Research Board, 2015). Let us break this down: better transit access and usage means fewer cars on the road, which means less road congestion and emissions, which also means more efficient land use and development, and thus healthier lifestyles for multi-modal commuters. BAM.

Aside from basically saving the world one bus ride at a time, our widespread usage and popularity secured our position as a “Big Impact” business—our mobile app, TransLoc Rider, has more than 800,000 users and we are currently tracking more than 3,000 public transit vehicles. Plus, to wow y’all with some fancy (but true!) stats, over 75% of Rider app users access the app five times per week, two times per day. Freakin’ awesome, guys! We can’t wait to see these numbers grow as we create new ways to move transit forward.

Basically, we got to stand alongside five finalists and five semi-finalists, chosen from over 600 applications, and be recognized (in front of thousands of people) based on our innovative products, sustainability and environmental friendliness, and positive impact on the community. The experience was fantastic and humbling. We could not be more proud of our TransLoc team!