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TransLoc, Community Engagement Partner’s software will help transit agencies boost ridership by capturing rider sentiment and needs while complying with federal guidelines.

DURHAM, N.C., October 7, 2019 – TransLoc, a Ford Mobility subsidiary* and the largest provider of U.S. microtransit solutions, has partnered with to increase community input on implemented microtransit services. The partnership will allow transit agencies to gather meaningful feedback and continually engage riders to understand their needs or concerns.

Transit agencies and metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) typically engage the public to understand what’s driving ridership, or discouraging it, and adjust their strategies accordingly. With access to’s software, TransLoc’s partner agencies can now offer riders an easy way to share their input on current services, allowing them to better monitor the performance of transit offerings. Transit agencies are able to poll riders on everything from how the service impacts their quality of life to needed improvements.

“We couldn’t be more inspired by the mission at TransLoc, and are thrilled to play a role in not only helping better understand microtransit riders, but also in helping their partners integrate the complex public involvement process,” said co-founder, Graham Stone. “Our commitment to helping build trust is based on knowing that reciprocal communication is key, and we are proud to facilitate, manage, and catalog these conversations.”

Federal guidelines encourage transit agencies to engage stakeholders who have a vested interest or will be impacted. By integrating the public involvement process from outreach to analysis and reporting,’s software helps agencies to meet that standard. Agencies will now be able to conduct “mixed-mode” engagement, allowing them to collect input via online and offline tactics and review it all in one central dashboard.

Their unique capabilities provide transit agencies the opportunities to enhance community involvement in transit services, without taxing internal resources, including reaching riders in underrepresented groups who live in transit-dependent communities. Input from these marginalized riders is invaluable in creating a better, more equitable transit experience.

“For too long transit services were unable to respond to rider’s needs and concerns,” said Justin Rees, CEO of TransLoc and Journey Holding. “Our partnership with changes that. Now our partner agencies have the ability to connect with the communities they serve and better understand how to adjust services to make a real impact on people’s lives.”

TransLoc and will host a webinar on November 6, 2019 focused on community engagement best practices for transit agencies. Click here to register for the webinar and learn how you can connect with riders, improve transit services, and grow ridership through public involvement.

About TransLoc

Hailed by Fast Company as one of the world’s most innovative companies in transportation, TransLoc joined forces with Ride Systems and DoubleMap under the Ford Mobility umbrella to provide an unparalleled platform of intelligent transportation software solutions. Now one of the largest providers of transportation technology offerings in the world, the group supplies integrated mobility solutions to 1,200+ customers in all 50 United States and across the globe. The team provides mission-critical transit operation software and GTFS data solutions, so riders can enjoy a seamless travel experience with fixed route service, on-demand microtransit ride hailing, and vehicle tracking through the ease of a smartphone app. To learn more, visit, or follow on Twitter at @TransLoc.

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About is a public involvement and communications software firm founded in 2014 and twice recognized as a GovTech 100 company. Utilized in communities as small as 600 residents to as large as 1M+, the company’s mission is to help build trust in government. With a dynamic Citizen Relationship Management (CRM) database at its core, the platform facilitates everything from outreach to reporting while aggregating feedback in a database of residents for leaders to better understand their communities and create opportunities for re-engagement.

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*On March 1, 2022, global technology company Modaxo acquired TransLoc from Ford Motor Company. TransLoc is no longer affiliated with Ford or any Ford properties.